Storme FAQ
Storme is a solution that allows brands with an online store to cross-sell between different stores.
Once the brand downloads the application, it can choose the role of supplier, retailer, or both during the registration process. The registration steps are listed below.
The brand fills in the information about whether they are interested in acting as a supplier, retailer, or both. In case they do not want to choose one of the two roles, supplier or retailer, they can skip this step in the registration process. If they change their mind later, they can come back to complete this step.

1. Select products to sell as a supplier
If the brand wants to make its products available to sell on other online stores, it selects the items it wants to export to Storme from its catalogue.
If it does not wish to be a supplier, the brand can skip this step.

2. Set the commission payable to the retailer
If the brand wants to act as a supplier and sell its products in other online stores, it determines the commission that the retailer will earn for each sale made of the supplier’s items in the retailer’s online store.
This step is only available to brands that have chosen to list their products in the Storme directory for other brands to sell them directly in their online storefronts in exchange for a commission.
By default, if the brand does not wish to act as a supplier, this step will not appear in the registration process.

3. Search for partner brands
Brands that wish to act as retailers and sell third-party products in their online store will find a catalogue of suppliers is the Storme directory.
In the directory, in addition to seeing the commission of each supplier brand, the brand can filter by country of origin, price range, industry, or search directly by brand name.
The retailer selects the supplier with which it wishes to form a cross-store sales partnership. A notification is automatically sent to the supplier, which it accepts or rejects.

4. Import products to the retailer’s store
If the supplier accepts the partnership request, the retailer can import the products it wishes to sell in its online store.
The selected products are imported as a new collection, adapting to the style of the retailer’s storefront. Stock levels and product prices are synchronized with the supplier brand’s online store information in real-time.
When a product from the supplier brand is sold in the retailer’s online store, an order is automatically created in their Shopify dashboard, just like any other sale.

At the same time, this information is sent to the supplier’s store so they can start the process of order fulfilment.

In addition to integrating both stores and synchronizing stock and pricing, Storme automates the fulfilment processes between the partner brands, facilitating sales management and commission payments.